As a first-timer to Botswana, I can’t imagine a better way to start my trip. After 28 hours of traveling, I jumped straight onto a sunset boat safari and couldn’t be happier. Actually, I felt like the ride from Kasane airport to the lodge was a game drive itself, spotting animals as soon as we entered the national park. One thing I learned reflecting back is that safari guides and the groups to which you’re assigned have a big impact on your experience. If you get lucky enough to have Connie as your guide, you’ve hit the jackpot! She’s super knowledgeable, funny, and can outmaneuver any game driver out there. The one safari where she wasn’t my guide, I was missing her. Pair that with meeting memorable visitors from around the world, including the loveliest couple on their honeymoon, and you get a terrific experience. It’s Chobe, so you’ll see a variety of wildlife, but you’ll also experience the warmth of the entire team, which just elevates your experience.

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