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William Dewan Burns
Owner and Manager of Botswana Trek Photographic Safari & Adventure.


Kilpatrick JIm
March 15, 2021
Hello William, I met you at the LA Travel Show several years ago. I want to take my family on a safari to Botswana in the summer of 2022 . 10 people , 6 adults and 4 children ages 11- 13 in 2022. I'm thinking 8 days in Botswana with maximum game drives and perhaps a side trip to Victoria Falls. Accodations do not need to be luxuries , but they should be comfortable . My wife and I have done several safaris but the rest of the family has not. I lived in Nigeria for several years. I am a photographer but the others not. Please give me some ideas for an 8 day safari with accommodations and pricing. Thanks Jim
March 15, 2021
Hi Jim, Great to hear from you. Seems as if the LA show was a lifetime ago. I will certainly begin to create some safari scenarios for you and your family. I have also moved into new countries, and in the process of adding new destinations beyond Botswana and her neighbors. I look forward to creating something special for you and yours. Warmest Regards, -Bill Burns

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