We are proud to announce our expansion into Zambia as part of a multi-country safari with Victoria Falls to occupy the mid safari adventure.  From Botswana to Zambia and then some.  #BotswanaTrek Awarded The Best Safari Experience In Africa, Norman Carr Safaris Has been Operating Since 1950 And Is Unrivalled In Africa. Source: Norman Carr

Botswana Trek LLC is now offering luxury getaways to Madagascar’s 5 Star Luxury Eco Resort Located On Nosy Ankao. An Island Sanctuary Proudly Part Of The Time + Tide Portfolio. Source: Miavana | Madagascar Luxury Eco Resort | Time + Tide “That Can Be Arranged”

timeandtideafrica.com “A haunting call echoes across the Liuwa Plain. There is no answer, there hasn’t been for years. She has no pride, no support – she alone must safeguard her own survival. Her name is Lady Liuwa, and … Source: Botswana Trek Daily

New Partners in Safari As we grow, so does our reach into the terra-firma across the borders of Botswana and further on up the road.  We would like to thank our new partners and operators on the ground in Zambia. All of these companies have a strong conservation ethos. Plan your Botswana/Zambia safari now!  “That

For those who venture to Botswana’s wilderness, the mobile safari offers more for our guests who wake up with the wildlife.  To camp among the wildlife is for many, a dream of a lifetime.  Seeing the attractions as they are without filter are real and sometimes, heart wrenching.  This is the cycle of life.  You

https://intpolicydigest.org/2017/07/26/botswana-s-economic-miracle/ For a stable multi-party democracy, and one of a kind Botswana Safari.  Botswana is a safe bet.  @BotswanaTrek Luxury Safari. From International Policy Digest: From its inception, the Botswanan government has been democratic and has championed worker’s rights, human rights, and social welfare. Botswana once known as one of the poorest countries in the

Recently I returned from a 14 day safari that began and ended in Livingstone Zambia. I cobbled this safari adventure together with Will Radecki and family to share the wonders of this region with Willy’s mother, brother, wife – Marie Elise, and their two teenage kids Analisa and Noel.  I’m the tour guide and adventure